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traveling exhibitions 

The Folsom Man Discovery Site is the most historically significant archaeological site in north America and this exhibit was prepared as part of the Centennial celebrations for the State of NM. It opened in the rotunda of the NM State Capital Building in Santa Fe in 2012.

It is now exhibited at the Folsom Museum in Folsom, NM

One of the first traveling exhibits created by Calvin Smith was "Desert Soliloquy". It was made for the Bureau of Land Management, Roswell, NM District to explain the approval of the Mescalero Sands National Outstanding Natural Area (ONA). Calvin spent 14 years proving the mobile dunes were an ecologically sensitive biome worthy of saving for this and future generations. It was given National Natural Landmark status in 1982 and the exhibit opened in the New Mexico State Capital rotunda in 1984.

Devine Mosiac: Crossroads of Faith

This exhibition, Divine Mosaic: Crossroads of Faith, is to created to provide a greater knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the heritage of each of the three faiths spawned by Abraham through the investigation of wide-ranging information about similarities and differences in their histories, doctrines, and practices. 

Ice Age Immigrants From The Past: Who were the First Americans?

The Ice Age Immigrants from the Past: Who Were the First Americans is a  5,000 square foot traveling exhibition presents an overview of the existing knowledge and current thinking from numerous sources about the entry of humans into North and South America.  

Please contact us if you are interested in these traveling exhibitions or if you would like to discuss another project with us.

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