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Research, Planning, Design, Construction, Accessioning, Exhibits, Marketing, Education, Administration and Development 

Services Include:

  • Feasibility studies in cooperation with boards, staff, other professionals, advisory entities and special interest organizations as well as the general public to encompass a broad spectrum of thoughts and ideas for the best possible product
  • Strategic planning performing an analysis of the vision, goals, objectives, values, direction,             scope, financial realities, institutional capabilities, focus elements, target audiences, visitor     demographics, stakeholder identification and exploration of internal and external opportunities. 
  • Long Range Master Plans generating a mission statement, purpose, governance, community   identity, collections scope and management possibilities, physical facilities requirements, exhibits   plan, public programming, marketing and development, administration, operations, staffing, budget   and performance evaluation.
  • Interpretive content including research and resources for the creation of enticing , entertaining and  educational exhibits and programs providing an atmosphere of lifelong learning.
  • Layout and design of specific exhibits, interactive elements and modules that enhance the visitor   experience and encourage greater participation and continued involvement in the institution. 
  • Work with individuals, sponsors and contributors of both monetary and corporal donations as well as private and governmental funding entities  to achieve the development potential of the institution.
  • Project management for new construction and/or renovations serving as a liaison between the   architect, the exhibits fabrication team and the client for the best possible outcome.    


As we are selected for a project we match colleagues with the experience that best fits the clients needs to accomplish the best results.