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Well it is official…we have sold our Hogan at Red Creek Ranch, moved to Trinidad (Colorado not Tobago) and purchased 35 acres on River Ridge Road just west of Walsenburg, CO. We are renting a small house 3 blocks from the Trinidad State Junior College where I am now working full time.

While it is a drastic change/direction in our lives, it was timely as we no longer needed 3200 sq. ft. (although 1200 currently seems extremely small!), 40 acres (I never did get that mule!) or stairs which were becoming a challenge as much as they were being used. We are planning on building soon, a single story ICF adobe with a peeled aspen ceiling ~ 2300 sq. ft. that looks out at the Spanish Peaks, the Sangre de Christos, Silver and Sheep mountains and the south side of Greenhorn Peak (we could see the north side of it from 1747 Newton Rd.)

Legacy Museum Consulting was recommended as the right fit for the College’s Long Range Master Plan for the new facilities which will house an expansion of the Louden-Henritze Archaeology Museum and the National Gunsmithing and Hunting Heritage Museum Complex quite possibly the only museum in the U. S. with a firing range in the basement!

In order to get me involved with the cultural and natural heritages of Southeastern Colorado, Trinidad and the College they put me on part time about a year ago as the archives assistant in the Library where I found a great resource with many facets including one of the most comprehensive/historical firearms libraries anywhere (this is the premier gunsmithing school in the nation and respected internationally) as well as impressive art, genealogy, photography, and vinyl record collections. However, some of the books were shelved by color!

Although I had an office and was able to do a lot of research, I was driving 103 miles each way 3 days a week with my position almost paying for my expenses. In the fall the Director of the Library retired and they pointed at me and said, “You’re it”. However, I couldn’t consult and get a full time salary so I have been finishing the LRMP after hours, kinda’ like I’ve done my whole career.

It has been rewarding learning about Trinidad, the Santa Fe Trail, Fisher’s Peak, the mining industry in the region, particularly the Ludlow Massacre, the K-T (or K-Pg) boundary, etc. but, especially teaching Intro to Archaeology again. There is also the possibility of excavating a rock shelter on a tributary that runs into the Purgatoire River next summer and also teaching Cultures of the SW in the fall. An intern from Baylor, Katie Mackenzie, worked on PastPerfect in the museum and designed and installed an exhibit on the Gilded Age in the Library.

Our new address is: 610 Willow St. Trinidad, CO 81082 but there is only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom until we get the new one built so make sure to call before you head this way!


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