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Climate and water

NOTE: These are my comments related to a recent series of conversations re climate and water specifically.

In response to: Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Climate Data.

They are chasing a "ghost rabbit" down a bottomless hole....

Yes, there ARE fluctuations in the weather that do occur on a regular/cyclic basis and seasonal variations have and will continue to happen.....

BUT that is not the point that needs discussion and constant monitoring....the FACT that "science" and the results retrieved from careful evaluation of PAST climatic changes e.g. the altithermal, glaciation peaks, warming or cooling oceans, etc. has proven that the current alterations have never happened as quickly and consistently as they are right NOW.....

Now, why is that occurring? Every indication and scientific evidence is concluding it is because of the increased elements in the very complex atmosphere, e.g. CO2, which is at its highest level in 3 million years (and yes that is measurable) and could THAT affecting the conditions that we are experiencing....YES!!!

Let's step back and look at the big(er) picture.....what if....this is all a hoax and all these "scientists" are colluding for political reasons.....1.) What would be their point/agenda, what would they have to gain over the past several decades of warning that we were getting into, maybe headed for, an irreversible change? 2.) Even if we heed the warnings, what possible challenge is there to trying to clean up the environment, pollution is undeniable and affecting millions (look at every news cast from Beijing to India), 3.) Our reefs are dying at a faster rate than at ANYTIME in the past (and yes we know that), 4.) Edge habitat species are becoming extinct (the last time that occurred was over 7,000 years ago), 5.) What if, we clean up our air, rivers, lakes and even the oceans what harm will that have on the human population?

Our resources are finite e.g. the Ogallala aquifer, that underlies the Great Plains is, because of daily irrigation of millions of acres, dropping a foot a what? There is no recharge and in places it has already dropped below windmill level and is becoming below irrigation pump level and even if we drill deeper the largest underground water reservoir in North America will have been depleted by mid-century if usage is continued at the existing rate.

Finally, I find myself defending the scientific method a lot these days....reckon why that is....who, what, when, where, why and how does "fake news" become real?

It is now hard for the varying views to back down and each other.....and come to conclusions that benefit society as a whole...we need to, no "but's", no "and's, no "if's" or "maybe's"

The latter is factual....I held a "water conference" while I was at NMJC and that was the evidence based on hundreds of tests done from Nebraska to Texas...bottom line the aquifer is only about 100 ' deep in most places...deeper in extinct river channels but the depth below the surface varies from 400 ' in the Northern Plains to about 100 ' in the Southern Plains....this is "Paleo water" generated during the last Ice Age and recharge is only 0.024 inches / year in the southern part.

The first well was drilled in TX in 1911 near Lubbock which was 130 ' deep....In Hale County by 1930 there were 170 wells, by 1960, 4,300 and by 2008, 8, the surrounding 15 counties there are 88,000 wells with over 15,000 shut down, no longer able to pump water = dry.

The most recent info I was able to retrieve predicts at the current the depletion rate we could see all but a small percentage of wells going dry by 2028....the surviving resource will be in Nebraska (where the aquifer gets its name) and that will be in some 1,000 ' wells....So....I was being

It's always about education....we haven't done a very good job....actually a poor job of responding and relating to the general public....e.g. the water issue...states are now suing other states over "rights" and families are suing families that live on the other side of the road from the conservation initiatives...Selena (Calvin's PhD daughter specializing in ocean reefs) is seeing the degradation of reefs far beyond anything expected at this point...there have been several major "conferences" but that was academicians talking to the choir....It has to go beyond PBS.... It might have been possible to expand the Paris accords beyond politics but doubtful....there will always be debate but right now that is not getting either "side" to the table to discuss the challenges that start locally but affect globally....In TRYING to listen to both views I'm finding myself very frustrated by the lack of civility and the automatic refusal to listen and communicate with one another...which, I will add at the expense of offending a vast majority of the population, is reflective of the current "atmosphere" we find ourselves facing in our democracy. I guess by my nature I'm a mediator, and always, at least, seeking a solution...but that is certainly becoming more complicated.... cbs


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