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NOTE: This was my first Blog done shortly after I re-retired (from NMJC Western Heritage Museum Complex in 2012)

Did you know that “PALEO” is now a trademark?

I went into the local health food store with wife Sylvia a few days ago and there it was!

PALEO MAGAZINE ™ MODERN DAY PRIMAL LIVING….I couldn’t help myself….I had to get the August/September, 2012, Vol. 2, Issue 3 edition. Now, I know what you all are thinking….that I had no clue…and you would be right.

I had no idea that there was/is a “movement” back to Paleo living…. “a journey of ancestral health continuing down its evolutionary path to help people regain their health and their lives”.

I found to my amazement the numerous fab ops to change the way you eat, sleep, deal with stress, exercise and even what you have in your house as well as everything you consume is produced in an ethical, sustainable way.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for conservation of our natural resources since we don’t have any more and/or “eating organic” (sometimes whether I’m ready or not depending on what wife Sylvia puts on the table) but I’m am a little taken aback by the possibility that we want to revert to a 40 (OK, I’ll give you 45) year life-span.

I am most fortunate, being much closer to 72 than 71 and only taking a daily multi-vitamin and an occasional “regulatory” supplement, I am in, as the old man used to say, “great shape for the shape I’m in”, but, my best years, at least most productive years, have been since I reached 45! I went to Baylor at 43 and NMJC at 66 and now re-starting Legacy with all that experience behind me helping push my thoughts/goals up the proverbial.

Myself thinks a whole lot of our world is for promotional reasons today, e.g. their Paleokit, Paleo market (“at last, we meat”;), “The Dig” editorial, the “Latest in Paleo”, “Everyday Paleo” and “Paleo Solutions” podcasts, the 21st Century Caveman, Paleo treats, Primal Pac jerky, energy Paleo bars, trail mixes, including Paleo Krunch and of course “Paleo Indulgences”, including cheesecake and baked donuts. The immediate image of Paleo people sitting around the campfire complementing the chef on the baked donuts is…to put it mildly…mind boggling. By the way there is also gluten free, grain free, dairy free, salt free with zero trans-fat “Paleo People” vacuum packed snack packs.

My, my, how we have changed…from the way humans have survived major glaciations, droughts (we are experiencing only a blip in the history of climate change) and other dangerous/catastrophic environmental challenges to, and maybe especially, in the way we are learning that artificially produced chemical alterations to the human body are mostly harmful in one way or another thus spawning “Paleo” movements that bring more awareness and consciousness to our world and that is good.


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